Friday, August 06, 2010

The Market

This was the big event of the year- Strawberry Festival and our first day to sell at the market. It was a fun family experience!!
John Deere Ice Cream!
What Flavor?

The Market Part 2

Farm Managers
Spray bottle battle - we are so professional!
Going Home

Sheep Shearing

Sherlock has been apprenticing under a sheep shearer. This new skill not only added to his income potential, but also enabled him to shear Percy and Benjamin.

Springtime on the Farm.....and off

Nap on the swing Staining the new chicken coop
The Chicken Yard
Farm Fresh Eggs
Happy 15th Birthday Smokestack!
Guntersville Lake

Father and Daughter Retreat March 2010

Dusting off the blog and catching up on family memories.............