Monday, December 11, 2006

Introducing Tater, and a few Acres

I received one gift in particular for my birthday that was quite surprising. Meet my '84 Chevy Silverado, Tater. After a good bath he looks better than the picture shows. Tater proudly claims the famous Mater from Cars as his first cousin, twice removed.

This is a picture of the ten acres we're clearing and possibly moving onto. It needs a lot of work and has a lot of potential; it will be a little while before it supports chickens. The treeline on the left and the road on the right form the borders. Esposa, taking the picture, is standing on the near border.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Belated Response

It was requested some time ago that I share my own thoughts and feelings on my initiation into manhood, and late is usually better than never, so now I'll attempt to describe them.

Several people who either don't know me as well as they think, or do and just choose to ignore my faults, have made me flattering and very exaggerated compliments, told me how wonderful I am, etc. I thank them all for their kindness and meanwhile keep reading my charges that mention pride, in order to keep myself from actually believing them.

I had no idea that anything unusual would be going on the Sunday of my birthday except for some general remarks the day before. Then Sunday afternoon when my family started decorating, and put out a pitcher of grape juice (my favorite), I knew that it would be something special.

Still, when I discovered for certain during the ceremony that my father saw fit to initiate me into manhood, with all the responsibilities that attend to such an honor, I was somewhat dazed for the rest of the evening. (That may also have been an effect from receiving a Browning .270 rifle, I'm not sure.) That is certainly the best description of my feelings- dazed.

At any rate, I'll remember the event for the rest of my life. It was very special to me that the Christian men around me took time to come and present me with charges filled with the wisdom that comes from God alone- that wisdom that the world can never attain. I will certainly do my best to walk on the road that all these charges clearly point to, that narrowest of roads that leads to eternal life and a legacy left behind for future generations.